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Posted August 29th, 2014
By: Wesley Vaughn


[caption id="attachment_565" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Polyester Fiber (Wikipedia Commons [PD]), from photo by Edward Dowlman, taken at Strathclyde University[/caption]  Polyester Polyester, sometimes just called “poly,” is a long-chain polymer.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, a polymer has to be at least 85% esters to be classified as polyester.  There are several kinds of polyester, but the kind abbreviated PET is made into fabrics.  PET is also the substance of...

Posted August 28th, 2014
By: Wesley Vaughn

Box Springs

Box Spring (from US-Mattress) Box Springs A box spring is a sturdy frame–usually wood–on which springs are mounted.  The frame and springs are covered in cloth, usually with padding on the top and a base pad on the bottom.  According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, the first known use of the term “box spring” was in 1865.[1] The term box spring is sometimes alternatively spelled box-spring.  Making it one word, boxspring, is generally not acceptable. Traditionally,...

Posted August 23rd, 2014
By: Wesley Vaughn

European Wood Slats

European Wood Slats – In Europe, the preferred foundations have several closely spaced slats made from a springy wood, such as beech.  The resiliency of the wood makes the wood slat foundation absorb shock, much like a box spring.  The springiness  of wood can be felt walking over a wooden floor as opposed to a concrete surface. Unlike the box spring, a wood slat foundation does not depend on metal, making it preferred by persons wary of the amplification of electromagnetic...

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