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Posted February 22nd, 2015
By: Wesley Vaughn

Natural or Organic?

  Natural or Organic? Many producers and sellers label or describe their merchandise as "natural" or "organic" products. "Organic" and "natural" food, clothing, bedding and many other goods are fashionable. Significant numbers of shoppers now ask, "Is it natural? Is it organic?" Two concerns drive this trend: health and the environment. There is also, for some, a philosophical or religious undertone, a belief that there is an intrinsic value to being as natural or organic as possible....

Posted February 17th, 2015
By: Wesley Vaughn

Sleep: How Much Is Enough?

Sleep: How Much Is Enough? Suppose someone taking a survey asked you, "Do you get enough sleep?" How would you answer? The answer to this depends on knowing the answers to two other questions: "How much sleep do you get?" and "How much sleep do you need?" How much sleep do you get? For most of us that means how long do we sleep in bed at night? That is, minus interruptions. New parents know all about this, waking up to check on the wee one, responding to a cry or a whimper in the dark,...

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