Posted July 28th, 2015

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Divans and Ottomans: The Alternate Foundations

Divans and Ottomans: The Alternate Foundations We in North America (United States and Canada) are conditioned to think of divans as some kind of couch or sofa which may or may not have armrests at the ends. Thus we are initally puzzled when a divan is one of the foundations available for a mattress. However, the two usages are related. After all, many people will stretch out on a divan for a nap. Ottomans, likewise, come from across the Atlantic with a different application than what we...

Steel Bed Frames

  [caption id="attachment_1275" align="alignnone" width="205"] Glideaway Bed Frame[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1276" align="alignnone" width="231"] Mantua Metal Bed Base[/caption]   Steel Bed Frames For two or three generations, most beds consist of a mattress, a foundation (box spring, box platform or slatted box) and a bed frame. The bed frame for these is usually side rails, cross bars, and (for larger sizes) a center beam, made of angle steel. These frames have...

European Wood Slats

European Wood Slats – In Europe, the preferred foundations have several closely spaced slats made from a springy wood, such as beech.  The resiliency of the wood makes the wood slat foundation absorb shock, much like a box spring.  The springiness  of wood can be felt walking over a wooden floor as opposed to a concrete surface. Unlike the box spring, a wood slat foundation does not depend on metal, making it preferred by persons wary of the amplification of electromagnetic...

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