Posted December 7th, 2014
By: Wesley Vaughn

Natural Plant Oils in Foam

[caption id="attachment_852" align="aligncenter" width="501"] Plants used as sources of oils for manufacturing foam[/caption] Natural Plant Oils in Foam Several manufacturers claim that some or all of the foams used in their mattresses are either partially or wholly made from plant oils. Terms used for these are soy foam, plant-based, botanical-oil, natural oils, etc. Plant oils used include those extracted from soy beans, castor beans, canola (rapeseed), palm kernel, coconut, peanuts, and...

Posted December 5th, 2014
By: Wesley Vaughn


[caption id="attachment_834" align="aligncenter" width="539"] Italian Silk Damask, 14th Century[/caption] Damask Damask is not a fiber, but a style of weaving, named for Damascus, Syria, where silk and linen were woven in this manner in the early Middle Ages.  In damask weaving, patterns are created by longer warp threads on top (satin) for the foreground, and longer woof threads (sateen) for the background.  This pattern is reversible, meaning the the negative image appears on the back...

Posted December 2nd, 2014
By: Wesley Vaughn


[caption id="attachment_823" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Cashmere Goat, Spring Gate Farm[/caption] Cashmere Cashmere is also known as cashmere wool, though it is not really wool (like that shorn from sheep), but a type of goat hair. It is considered a luxury fabric, more expensive than wool. Whether woven or knit, it is a fine fabric which becomes softer with use. Commonly used in shawls, sweaters, scarves and hats, cashmere is also used by some manufacturers in the covers of select...

Posted November 29th, 2014
By: Wesley Vaughn

Coil-in-Coil Technology

[caption id="attachment_807" align="aligncenter" width="950"] Stearns & Foster's Intellicoil[/caption] Coil-in-Coil Technology [caption id="attachment_806" align="aligncenter" width="123"] Serta's Duet Coil[/caption]   Pocket coils were invented at the end of the 19th Century (1800's) by James Marshall, who began manufacturing them about 1900. Since then, individually wrapped pocket coils have been adopted by most of the major manufacturers of innerspring...

Posted October 24th, 2014
By: Wesley Vaughn

Pocket Coils

Pocket (Marshall) Coils [caption id="attachment_731" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Pocket coils Image from Simmons Beautyrest[/caption] Pocket coils, also known as pocketed coils, encased coils, wrapped coils or Marshall coils, are light gauge open-end coils in fabric pockets.  They were invented in 1900 by James Marshall, an Englishman who migrated to Canada. In Toronto, Ontario, Canada he founded the Marshall Mattress Company to make mattresses using his technology.  The company is...

Posted October 23rd, 2014
By: Wesley Vaughn

Continuous Coils

Continuous Coils [caption id="attachment_719" align="aligncenter" width="347"] Looking down rows of continuous coils Image from Bedrooms & More, Seattle, Washington[/caption] Continuous coils are the least expensive type of coils used in innerspring mattresses. According to Seattle Mattress Company, this coil type was invented by Serta. Currently, Serta is the largest user of continuous coils. Serta's continuous coils are manufactured by Leggett & Platt under the trade name...

Posted October 23rd, 2014
By: Wesley Vaughn

Offset (Karr) Coils

Offset (Karr) Coils [caption id="attachment_705" align="aligncenter" width="642"] Offset Coil System Image from Bedrooms & More, Seattle, Washington[/caption] Offset coils, also called Karr coils, were invented in the early 1900s by Frank Karr, who also started the Spring Air mattress company. They were developed from Bonnell coils, the original support for innerspring mattresses. Since the inception of offset coils, they have been used by many other mattress companies. The...

Posted October 22nd, 2014
By: Wesley Vaughn

Bonnell Coils

Bonnell Coils Bonnell Coil System, Image from Bedrooms & More, Seattle, Washington The oldest type of coil used in mattresses is the Bonnell coil.  Bonnell coil mattresses are often called "traditional mattresses" or "traditional innerspring mattresses."  Other types of coils have been developed since, but they all originate in the Bonnell coil. Bonnell coils themselves were developed from buggy seat springs.  They are hourglass shaped.  The ends are knotted, the end of the wire...

Posted October 18th, 2014
By: Wesley Vaughn

Rayon (Viscose)

Rayon (Viscose) A sample of rayon from a skirt, photographed with a macro lens. from Wikipedia The oldest man-made fiber is rayon. It is formed of dissolved cellulose extracted from wood. Although almost any woody plant can supply the wood, some of the more common sources were conifers such as spruce, hemlock and pine. That was when most rayon was produced in North America and Europe. Now that the largest producer of rayon is in India, woods from that part of the world are commonly used,...

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Posted August 29th, 2014
By: Wesley Vaughn


[caption id="attachment_565" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Polyester Fiber (Wikipedia Commons [PD]), from photo by Edward Dowlman, taken at Strathclyde University[/caption]  Polyester Polyester, sometimes just called “poly,” is a long-chain polymer.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, a polymer has to be at least 85% esters to be classified as polyester.  There are several kinds of polyester, but the kind abbreviated PET is made into fabrics.  PET is also the substance of...

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